News - 25 Sep `15VRF will discontinue collaboration with JPD and OMICS Group.


Vitiligo Research Foundation Board has decided to discontinue it's collaboration with the Journal of Pigmentary Disorders and OMICS Group, effective September 27, 2015. We wish OMICS Group all the best in their future business endeavors that would no longer include use of logo, names or references to VR Foundation, it's Board Members or Executives.

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      • Is there a traditional medicine to treat vitiligo?

        Traditional medicines may be helpful in chronic, metabolic, and stress-related conditions early in the disease manifestation, before extensive tissue and organ damage has occurr...

      • Who is prone to vitiligo?

        Scientists know that some people are genetically predisposed to a specific group of autoimmune diseases – including generalized vitiligo – but do not know who and why.It doesn’t...

      • Vitiligo and hearing loss: any connection?

        In short, NO. Recent research shows no relationship between a degree of skin depigmentation and hearing loss severity in vitiligo patients. The results of this study showed tha...