News - 01 Jul `13World Vitiligo Day Official Proclamations


by Michigan Governor Mr. Rick Snyder and Mayor Mr. Dave Bing. 

Proclamation Wvd By Detroit Mayor 25 07 2013 Cutout

We cannot thank everyone enough for their time and efforts in putting all of this together. What an amazing week this has been right here in Detroit, the symbol of American renewal and determination! Read more

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      • Who is prone to vitiligo?

        Scientists know that some people are genetically predisposed to a specific group of autoimmune diseases – including generalized vitiligo – but do not know who and why.It doesn’t...

      • How to get insurance coverage for vitiligo treatments?

        Most of health insurance companies will initially reject claims for vitiligo doctor visits or phototherapy treatments but with enough efforts you can have a substantial part of ...

      • Can chemicals cause vitiligo?

        It’s important to remember there are multiple factors involved in vitiligo onset, including genetic predisposition, living and working environments, and exposure to certain chem...