Events - 25 May 04:03Artwork and performance exhibition 'Embodiment'


Waterfront Museum 290 Conover Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 At Pier 44

We would like to invite you June 4th, 2016 to the exhibition of the latest artwork project by Stephanie Corne called 'Embodiment', which is an invitation to see the inner self within the self. Stephanie's work will be on display as well as her  previous series involving body paint called Facemotions and for the first time, you will have a chance to witness her workflow. It is part painting and part performance art; during the event there will be a multimedia show, where Stephanie will paint subjects in real time with live music. There will be two live performances at 2 pm and 4 pm with music by Birgid Volens, dancers Julian Watson and Mykaila Symes. The admission is free and we look forward to seeing you there!

Venue: Waterfront Museum 290 Conover Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 At Pier 44. Corner of Reed Street. 718 624 4719

Nearest public transportation: F and G trains to Smith and 9th Street then take Ikea shuttle or Walk for 10 min. to 39 Reed Street.
Manhattan: Ikea ferry from Pier 11. $10 and free trip back to Manhattan Schedule: 12.40 pm/ 1.00 pm/ 1.20 pm/ 2.00 pm/ 2.40 pm
The Waterfront Museum is also a 5 minute drive from the Brooklyn Queens Expressway at the Atlantic Ave. (if heading East) or Hamilton Av. (if heading West) exits.

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