News - 08 Jul `17Clinical trials in @Mount Sinai in NYC.


Clinical trials for new vitiligo treatment are soon to begin at Department of Dermatology of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York city. The study would require regular visits to the clinic. Anyone interested shall call directly at 212-241-3288 and ask for Grace Kimmel, MD or visit website for more details.

      FAQOther Questions

      • Is there a special diet for vitiligo?

        In short, no.  Some people find that certain foods may worsen their vitiligo symptoms or that others may improve their skin condition. We found no scientific evidence that a sp...

      • Does halo nevi affect vitiligo development?

        Halo nevi — nevi with an depigmented circle around it, usually on the trunk — are about 10x more common in vitiligo patients than in the general population, especially in childr...

      • Vitiligo and hearing loss: any connection?

        In short, NO. Recent research shows no relationship between a degree of skin depigmentation and hearing loss severity in vitiligo patients. The results of this study showed tha...