News - 04 Jan `23Update on Vitiligo Drug Development in 2023


Pune-based startup Ahammune Biosciences has recently completed the phase 1 clinical trials of its investigational new drug AB1001, being developed as a topical therapy for vitiligo. 

Dr T. Balganesh, Chairman of Ahammune’s Board said, “Vitiligo is a much neglected disease and specific treatments for the disease are not available. AB1001 is a novel class of compounds, discovered and developed at Ahammune, that has the potential to not only limit the progression of the disease but also reverses the pigmentation loss. The successful completion of Phase 1 of the molecule brings a much wanted treatment closer to the patients. We are looking forward to the compound becoming a drug shortly.”
Ahammune Biosciences and Ahmedabad-based Veeda Clinical Research had partnered for the first in human studies with Ahammune’s investigational new drug AB1001.