News - 08 Feb `21Get paid $250 to share your insights on vitiligo


Our friends at LaGrippe Research are currently inviting vitiligo patients, 18 years or older, as well as a few emotional support members/family members. Participants do need to be from the USA.

The purpose of this project is to gain insight to better understand one’s journey with vitiligo. This will be in the form of an online community that will be over the span of 3 days (30 minutes a day, at a time convenient to you).  This online community will start on Tuesday February 16th.

Those who qualify and participate will be compensated $250 as a Thank You. The company will also select a few of those who completed the online community to do a follow up 60-minute call for an additional compensation of $150.    

If you are interested, please fill out a preliminary questionnaire.

If you have any questions, please contact Alex at 224-360-7929 or email


      FAQOther Questions

      • Is it Bitiligo? Vitaligo? Veteligo?

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      • Can a gluten-free diet help with vitiligo?

        It's very unlikely. We have specifically looked into claims that gluten-free diet may ease symptoms of vitiligo, or completely reverse it, and found no firm scientific evidence ...