News - 30 Jun `22Vitiligo session at CILAD


Meet us at CILAD* conference in Madrid tomorrow, July 1st at 12 noon, for the discussion of the recent advances in treatment of pigmentary disorders and vitiligo.


  • Dr. Gabriel Serrano Sanmiguel MD, PhD, Dermatólogo y fundador de Sesderma Laboratorios
  • Dra. Eva Álvarez Roca MD, Asesor médico Sesderma-Mediderma
  • Sr. D. Yan Valle, Director ejecutivo Vitiligo Research Fundation. Profesor Asociado de Marconi University

UPDATE: Madrid, Spain is the host not only for NATO summit today, but also a major congress for dermatologists and cosmetologists. Presented the Vitiligo Patient Journey Map to the overcrowded auditorium at Sesderma session. Beginning to change patient/doctor relationship in a life-long diseases like vitiligo. As the Chinese proverb goes, " A thousand miles journey begins with the first step."

C ILAD-vitiligo-2022-1

C ILAD-vitiligo-2022-2



      FAQOther Questions

      • Is there a traditional medicine to treat vitiligo?

        Traditional medicines may be helpful in chronic, metabolic, and stress-related conditions early in the disease manifestation, before extensive tissue and organ damage has occurr...

      • Can Ginkgo Biloba help with vitiligo?

        Ginkgo Biloba seems to be a simple, safe, inexpensive and fairly effective therapy for vitiligo. It is mostly effective in halting the progression of the disease. It can also sp...

      • Isn't it just a cosmetic disorder?

        Contrary to popular belief, vitiligo is not a cosmetic disorder but a systemic disease affecting the largest body organ and other vital systems, with multiple comorbidities. Fo...