News - 05 Aug `22Master Class on Vitiligo Is Back On Track


After a two-year break due to COVID-19, the Master Class on Vitiligo and Pigmentary Disorders is back on track with its 29th event scheduled in New Orleans (USA) on March 17-21, alongside the Amercian Academy of Dermatology annual meeting.

The following events are planned 

2023: 🇹🇷 Istanbul (Turkey), November 8-10 
2024: 🇮🇳 Chandigardh (India), November 6-8 
2025: 🇺🇸 Boston (USA), November 5-7
2026: 🇮🇹 Rome (Italy), November 4-6
2027: 🇦🇷 Buenos Aires (Argentina), November 3-5
2028: 🇻🇳 Hanoi (Vietnam), November 8-10
2029: 🇭🇺 Budapest (Hungary), November 7-9
2030: 🇺🇿 Samarkand (Uzbekistan), November 13-15


      FAQOther Questions

      • I have a new job - should I tell colleagues about my vitiligo?

        If you are starting a new job and you are concerned about stares and questions about your skin, try a proactive approach. When the time is right and you are feeling comfortable,...

      • Can chemicals cause vitiligo?

        It’s important to remember there are multiple factors involved in vitiligo onset, including genetic predisposition, living and working environments, and exposure to certain chem...

      • What tests should be done?

        A well-trained dermatologist should be able to diagnose vitiligo and distinguish it from contact leukoderma or more than twenty other conditions with similar skin appearance bas...