News - 08 Feb `20Natalie Jones and VRF begin IGTV series on vitiligo


VR Foundation has joined forces with Natalie Jones, a Skin Confidence Coach, to bring you IGTV series of educational and uplifting videos on vitiligo.

Confidence coaching helps elevate your self-image, get through dark thoughts and maintain a positive outlook on life. As a vitiligan herself, Natalie understands emotions and challenges that follow white spots. She speaks about perception and how we can all contribute to a more loving, and respecting dialogue with others.

Watch the first part on Instagram today and stay tuned for the next one!

VRF partnered with Natalie Jones, Skin Confidence Coach


      FAQOther Questions

      • Is there a special diet for vitiligo?

        In short, no.  Some people find that certain foods may worsen their vitiligo symptoms or that others may improve their skin condition. We found no scientific evidence that a sp...

      • Are there any famous people with vitiligo?

        Many celebrities have dealt with vitiligo while remaining in the public eye, maintaining a positive outlook, and having a successful career. Here are a few courageous famous peo...

      • Is vitiligo contagious?

        Vitiligo is NOT contagious. It cannot be passed on or caught from touching someone with vitiligo, shaking hands, swimming in the same pool, sharing towels, sitting next to someo...