News - 04 Jan `16Results of a quick poll in December


Last December, we asked you about preferred format of VRF communications. We received 23 votes in 31 days. The majority with 43% votes would stick with a monthly newsletter, while the second largest group with 30,4% votes would prefer a weekly video blog. See full breakdown of your votes here. After some thought, we decided to continue with our monthly newsletter, with a twist. The upcoming issue will launch our monthly vitiligo product reviews, from vitamins and food supplements to camouflage and a new class of cosmeceuticals. Stay tuned!

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      • How can I explain vitiligo to my children?

        Vitiligo can be puzzling for a child because a person who has it isn't "ill" in a common sense.  To choose the right words to explain vitiligo diagnosis to a child, first consi...

      • Which diseases most commonly accompany vitiligo?

        According to a 10-year study, vitiligo patients have a statistically significant higher prevalence of other autoimmune conditions and dermatological disorders: hypothyroidism...

      • What causes vitiligo?

        Surprisingly, the causes of vitiligo are yet to be precisely established. Researchers know the cause is pre-wired in your genes, just waiting for a bad luck moment. In about hal...