News - 04 Jan `16Results of a quick poll in December


Last December, we asked you about preferred format of VRF communications. We received 23 votes in 31 days. The majority with 43% votes would stick with a monthly newsletter, while the second largest group with 30,4% votes would prefer a weekly video blog. See full breakdown of your votes here. After some thought, we decided to continue with our monthly newsletter, with a twist. The upcoming issue will launch our monthly vitiligo product reviews, from vitamins and food supplements to camouflage and a new class of cosmeceuticals. Stay tuned!

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      • Can a gluten-free diet help with vitiligo?

        It's very unlikely. We have specifically looked into claims that gluten-free diet may ease symptoms of vitiligo, or completely reverse it, and found no firm scientific evidence ...

      • Who is prone to vitiligo?

        Scientists know that some people are genetically predisposed to a specific group of autoimmune diseases – including generalized vitiligo – but do not know who and why.It doesn’t...

      • I have vitiligo: will my children have vitiligo, too?

        Children born to parents who both have the disorder are more likely to develop vitiligo. However, most children will not get vitiligo even if one parent has it. In children wit...