News - 11 Oct `19Two articles on the World Vitiligo Day published by Whiley


Two of our articles on the World Vitiligo Day campaign published in the prestigious "Dermatologic Therapy" by Whiley, - a top name in education, with a 200-year heritage of quality publishing.



World Vitiligo Day has once again swept the globe in a day of celebration and action in support of the estimated 100 million vitiligo sufferers worldwide.

A week-long World Vitiligo Day campaign culminates efforts of numerous activists around the world to bring this once forgotten skin disease to the attention of general public, healthcare system and biopharma industry. The campaign international headquarters moves across the globe each year, this year coming to Hanoi, Vietnam. Support for the event is huge and over half a million people from across the world have now signed a petition that asks the UN Secretary General to officially designate June 25th as World Vitiligo Day. There is still much work to be done and WVD activists aim to have the day recognized by the UN General Assembly and instill change in the national healthcare policies of the UN member states.



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