News - 01 Jun `21Vitiligo Awareness Month Declared By MA Governor


June has been declared Vitiligo Awareness Month by the Governor of Massachusetts, thanks to Valarie Molyneaux and VITFriends from Boston. Massachusetts is the home state for the majority of biotech and biopharma companies, so there is no doubt they'll take a note.

Another indication of the World Vitiligo Day campaign success is that 18 U.S. State governors and numerous city mayors declared June ‘Vitiligo Awareness Month’ recently.

World -Vitiligo-Day-Proclamation


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      • Is vitiligo contagious?

        Vitiligo is NOT contagious. It cannot be passed on or caught from touching someone with vitiligo, shaking hands, swimming in the same pool, sharing towels, sitting next to someo...

      • How can I explain vitiligo to my children?

        Vitiligo can be puzzling for a child because a person who has it isn't "ill" in a common sense.  To choose the right words to explain vitiligo diagnosis to a child, first consi...

      • Isn't it just a cosmetic disorder?

        Contrary to popular belief, vitiligo is not a cosmetic disorder but a systemic disease affecting the largest body organ and other vital systems, with multiple comorbidities. Fo...