News - 02 Jul `20Vitiligo drug candidate goes to the finals of The Nature Spinoff Prize


Temprian Therapeutics, a spinoff from Northwestern University with patent for DNA-based vitiligo treatment, has made it to the finals of the Nature Spinoff Prize.

The 12 finalists represent companies from the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Spain operating in pharmaceuticals, predictive assays and medical devices. Temprian’s selection as a finalist for the Nature Spinoff Prize provides hope for securing investment needed for a clinical trial. 

The judges will select four companies to participate in a live slam on 13 July. The winner will be awarded the title of 2020 Nature Spin-off Prize champion — and a grant of €30,000 (about US$34,000).

Details of Temprian’s innovation and its underlying patent Mutant HSP70i to Prevent Autoimmune Disease.


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