News - 17 Aug `14Vitiligo news: a major change in India


In June 2014 an integrated global pharma company from India Dr. Reddys had reportedly acquired rights and re-launched lotion for vitiligo called Melgain.  Generic name is Decapeptide, using the Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor or bFGF, a substance the body naturally produces for maintaining the structure and function of melanin producing cells. Repigmentation is attributed to the growth of melanocytes in depigmented hair roots in the vitiligo patch and also the skin directly surrounding the patch. Patients generally receive better and faster repigmentation, especially  when bGFG is used in combination with other medical treatment options. The average cost in India is $12 for 5mg (5mL.)

As if in response to this move (or vice versa, we are not really sure on this), US-based company PhotoMedex has recently announced bringing its laser treatment technology VTRACK to India on a massive scale.  Company's local subsidiary has set up five certified clinics in Hyderabad on a franchisee basis, and look forward to adding more in the next 4-5 years. It's new campaign 'Live Clear. Live Free.' drives awareness of the standard of care for vitiligo, attracting dermatologists to vitiligo discipline nationwide. The company stated full benefit of the vitiligo treatment would take 10-20 sessions. VTRACK uses UVB range of 280 315 nm. Each sessions costs Rs 2,400 or approximately $40.