News - 17 Jun `22Vitiligo Patient Journey Map


Imagine a pathway that vitiligo patient takes through different phases of the disease: from an innocuous white spot through a dreadful diagnosis to a months-long treatment. There are many lines, stations and stop-offs along the way, yet none of them displaying road posts or warning signs. Scary, right? 

To help patients navigate this Terra Incognita, we have designed a Vitiligo Patient Journey Map. From patient's perspective, such journey map is a bird’s eye view of the pathway through the healthcare maze. It is not meant to be a precise navigational tool. But it should be good enough to guide patients from White Spot to Spotless, with some degree of confidence and estimated travel time, — and a sense of humour!

Every traveler needs map. So, please download here below, take a look yourself, share online, or — better — put it on the wall for other people to see. 

To learn more about the Vitiligo Patient Journey Map, read Yan Valle's interview to The Waiting Room (3-4 minute read)

Vitiligo Patient Journey Map


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