News - 22 Jun `22World Vitiligo Day 2022 🇲🇽 Kick-off


MEXICO — On Wednesday June 22, Senator ANTARES GUADALUPE VÁZQUEZ ALATORRE held a live event at the press-corner of the Senate of Mexico, with a group of renowned dermatologists, to announce the start of the World Vitiligo Day 2022 celebrations. Later at the scientific conference, experts provided a different perspective on the lives of patients with visual disabilities, the current state of knowledge, what is true and what is not, presented the patient-centric journey map and discussed future treatments. 

World Vitiligo Day 2022 media event at Senate of Mexico

(from right to left) Senator ANTARES GUADALUPE VÁZQUEZ ALATORRE, Profs. Torello Lotti, translator, Yan Valle, Jorge Ocampo Candiani, Rossana Llegro

World Vitiligo Day 2022 - Scientific session

Scientific session is about to begin.

World Vitiligo Day 2022 President Prof. Jorge Ocampo Candiani

President of the World Vitiligo Day 2022 Prof. Jorge Ocampo Candiani welcomes participants.

World Vitiligo Day 2022 Prof. Torello Lotti

Prof. Torello Lotti presents current knowledge and recent discoveries in vitiligo.

World Vitiligo Day 2022 Yan Valle

Yan Valle, CEO VRF, presents the Vitiligo Patient Journey Map


Watch the video from Senate here

Watch the Sceintific presentations here