Events - 20 Apr 12:11World Vitiligo Day celebration conference in Detroit, USA


Detroit, Michigan, USA

U.S. World Vitiligo Day 2017 Theme: 'Step Up for Vitiligo: A Call for Truth, Hope and Change!'

Reflecting the mission of the Step Up for Vitiligo campaign that came out of the Vitiligo Working Group's 2016 campaign for awareness, the 2017 event theme will encourage the vitiligo community to take action in raising awareness around the condition. Throughout the three-day program, attendees will hear from leading dermatologists and vitiligo advocates as they discuss the face, voice and science of vitiligo. 

V-Strong Vitiligo Support Group volunteered to host the U.S. 2017 World Vitiligo Day events. This Detroit based support group focuses on the mental and emotional support for people with vitiligo. V-Strong is setting an example followed by support groups around the world.

What Should I Know About Detroit If Ive Never Been There?

Detroit has a rich history and lots to offer as a tourist destination while youre visiting for World Vitiligo Day. The birthplace of the automobile industry, the city was once recognized as the Motor City and today is recognized as the come back city after the most recent economic down turn. Detroit is also where Motown Records started and where artists like Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, and Michael Jackson and many others got their start. Detroit offers hometown goods like McClures Pickles, Germack Nuts, Faygo Pop, Vernors Ginger Ale, and Better Made Potato Chips. The citys downtown riverfront offers beautiful scenery and faces Windsor Ontario, Canada and Belle Isle Park where the Grand Prix is held.

US World Vitiligo Day Celebrations Conference costs:

  • Adult: $130.00. It does not include hotel but includes Friday Check-in treats; Saturday, Lunch & Banquet Dinner; Sunday Brunch; Tee-Shirt & Gift Bag.
  • Children, ages 5-11: $85.00. It includes Friday Check-in treat; Saturday lunch, banquet dinner & children's space; Sunday Brunch & Tee shirt.

For event schedule, payments and registration please visit the conference website at

Wvd Detroit 2017

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