News - 14 Oct `21🇺🇳 10 Most Influential Vitiligans in 2021


It was 2018 when "Unite For Vitiligo" first released its list of 10 most influential people with vitiligo aka 'vitiligans.' Since then the list has been trying to be a mirror of the vitiligo community and those who shape it, including our CEO Yan Valle in 2020.

Just like any year, the fourth edition of “10 Most Influential Vitiligans” lists thought leaders with vitiligo that are working toward a better, inclusive world.

For this annual roundup of the most influential vitiligans, editors at "Unite For Vitiligo" reached out to more than 1200 people with vitiligo. Out of them, 500+ filled an electronic survey and voted for about 75+ handpicked influencers. After compiling and interpreting the outcome for over a month, editors presented the list of 10 individuals who seized the moment in 2021 to build a vitiligo awareness movement to achieve a more resilient and inclusive world.

10. Yvesmark Chery, fashion model

9. Akash Tiwari, founder of AARUS   

8. Riya Agrawal, content creator

7. Faried Molai, entrepreneur and founder of a non-profit Vitiligo Awareness Int.

6. Yvette Mari, "body positivity" advocate

5. Sharon King, co-founder of a non-profit Litty Ligo and disability rights advocate

4. Erika Page, blogger

3. Jasmine Albena Colgan, photographer

2. Reham Soliman, social media influencer

1. Winnie Harlow, fashion model

These influencers are some of the biggest names in the global vitiligo community. They use their voice to bring vitiligo awareness to the forefront and inspire the community just by being true to themselves and a positive influence.