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The VRF newsletter is an excellent way to quickly consume news on vitiligo, lifestyle and skincare in general, in an educational and entertaining way. It usually goes out on the last weekend of every month, and occasionally, in the middle of the month, too. We'll challenge you with different points of view on healthcare, and inspire you to learn more about the skin youre in, and the world around you. There are no animations, videos, or click-baity images to annoy you - its just the news and the facts, served up with a healthy of dose sarcasm and a splash of humor.

Here are the highlights from our most recent newsletter.

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      • What's better: laser or phototherapy?

        In a recent study researchers assessed effect and safety of different laser and phototherapy treatments, such as excimer laser/light, narrowband UVB, UVA and PUVA. No significa...

      • Does halo nevi affect vitiligo development?

        Halo nevi — nevi with an depigmented circle around it, usually on the trunk — are about 10x more common in vitiligo patients than in the general population, especially in childr...

      • Can Ayurveda help with vitiligo?

        People have used herbs and natural remedies to treat skin conditions for centuries. Vitiligo is an auto-immune condition that causes white patches of skin to develop and expand...