News - 23 Jul `15Brazilian folk medicine for vitiligo treatment investigated.


Brazil not only has one of the worlds highest levels of biodiversity, but also it has an under-used repertoire of plants with potential medicinal and economic value. Ethnopharmacological information represents a great shortcut in the search for new effective therapies. We investigated the activity of leaves and flowers of Pyrostegia Venusta in order to support its use in traditional medicine for vitiligo treatment. Read more

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      • How long does it take to treat vitiligo?

        Treatment results will vary by person and type of vitiligo. The rule of thumb is that you will need to allow at least 3 to 6 months before you begin to see results from any trea...

      • Will it spread?

        Vitiligo activity may vary considerably from person to person. In a good number of patients the disease goes on for 3-4 years and then it settles down, with one or two stubborn...

      • How can I explain vitiligo to my children?

        Vitiligo can be puzzling for a child because a person who has it isn't "ill" in a common sense.  To choose the right words to explain vitiligo diagnosis to a child, first consi...