News - 05 Feb `20FAQ: Shall I Take Vitamin D For My Vitiligo?


FAQ Summary: Vitamin D plays a central role in the prevention of different inflammatory and chronic diseases. Consuming 1,000–4,000 IU (25–100 mcg) of vitamin D3 daily should be ideal for most people to sustain good health. Specialists generally recommend that people with vitiligo keep their vitamin D levels in the mid-upper range of normal. 

One study suggests that a high-dose vitamin D therapy may be safe and effective in reducing vitiligo activity. Sixteen patients with mostly darker skin type were given 35,000 IU daily for six months, combined with restriction of dairy products and calcium-enriched foods, and minimum hydration of 2.5 L daily. As a result, fourteen of them had repigmentation ranging from 25 to 75%. It remains unclear whether long-term, high-dose supplementation provides any benefits to patients with vitiligo.

Keep in mind that vitamin D supplements have the potential to interact with several types of common medications. Ask your doctor whether a vitamin D supplement might benefit you before making any dietary changes.  

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