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We'll give you a free digital copy of "A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo" in exchange for just a few minutes of your time! When you complete the Vitiligo Quality of Life survey you will receive link to a free download of the ebook in English or Spanish.

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In this unique book, Yan Valle – author, campaigner and CEO of Vitiligo Research Foundation – will guide you through symptoms, decipher medical jargon and explore treatments, so you can choose the proper therapy for yourself – or knowingly abstain from it. 

The smart and accessible book is comprised of three sections: Body, Environment, and Treatments. Of course, there is tremendous overlap across the sections, as they are interdependent. In fact, you could think of the three as a tripod, upon which any treatment is balanced. One needs all three to have any sustainable success in treating vitiligo – or indeed any other condition. Dashing from the root cause to a future lifestyle, the author reveals what you really need to know and what you must avoid, in order to manage this weird, complicated disease. 

A half of fifty seven bite-sized chapters recounts a conversation or situation that the author has been a part of as CEO of VR Foundation. Real-life examples are used to illustrate different vitiligo treatment scenarios, which you can discuss further with your doctor. 


  • Save you the countless hours spent searching the web for information, only to realize most of it's worthless.
  • Save all the time and effort spent on seeing non-specialist doctors who can't help you.
  • Save the thousands of dollar spent on bogus supplements, snake oil cures and confusing research papers.

Just some of the topics covered inside:

  • The link between vitiligo and other diseases. 
  • How to detect early signs of vitiligo.
  • How to identify potential triggers and everyday household items you should avoid.
  • The environmental factors and stress-related issues that can cause vitiligo.
  • Common treatment strategies and protocols. Which one is good for you?
  • Frequent treatment mistakes and how to fix them.
  • Natural remedies and diets for vitiligo: what’s true, what’s not.
  • How to break the vicious Catch 22 cycle.

A thoroughly researched, easy-to-read and jargon-free guide to vitiligo – this is essential reading for vitiligo patients, or anyone interested in the condition. It's easy to read over a weekend, yet it is extensively referenced to encourage a deeper investigation into the subject, if necessary.



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