News - 02 Dec `19UPDATED: Music to Spark Vitiligo Awareness.


Today’s awareness for vitiligo is fueled not only by the World Vitiligo Day campaign activists. Dozens of musicians inspire change in the society with a song, an album, or a strong statement on behalf of the vitiligo community.
Compiling a list of artists with vitiligo - or those singing about it -  is a tremendous challenge, especially with the multitude of musical styles out there: ranging from instrumental guitar to pop songs to rock anthems. Here are some performers that spark vitiligo awareness today:

  • Don Alder, an award-winning guitarist from Canada
  • ‎Elkanah Wangeci‎, an urban gospel songwriter and singer from Kenya
  • Half Mile Home, a gospel quartet from Ohio, artfully blends Christian R&B and hip-hop
  • Krizz Kaliko from Kansas city, landed on Billboard’s Top 10 R&B and hip-hop charts
  • Marcus Haran, a mega-talented rapper born in Paris and raised in Toronto
  • Mark Andres, aka Sisqo, an award winning actor and R&B singer in Hollywood
  • Mikey Foster, a band member of Social House, appeared in video "Boyfriend" with Ariana Grande
  • Shante Artis,  aka L.U.V. aka Rapping Housewife, a prodigious hip-hop songwriter
  • Tamar Braxton, an American singer and TV personality with 3 Grammy awards
  • Vitiligo, a top metal rock band from Argentina.

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P.S. In retrospect, Michael Jackson's mistake was not to explain his skin condition when vitiligo began to manifest in the early 1980s. After much speculations about skin bleaching by tabloids, the late King of Pop opened up about his vitiligo during the Oprah show only in February 1993. But it was apparently too late, and fueled even more gossips. Many questioned why it had taken MJ a decade to reveal it, and refused to believe that he suffered from vitiligo -- despite all the evidence proving him right. Yet, one of the legacies he leaved behind is that "It don't matter if you're black or white." Through his vitiligo, Michael Jackson became the carrier of this truth.

By contrast, Chantelle Winnie Harlow, after years of bulliyng and suicidal thoughts in her teens, has openly embraced her vitiligo to raise to the top of the fashion world. From to appearing on innumerable lifestyle magazine covers, to walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last year, to landing a spot as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2019 cover girl, it’s safe to say Winnie is definitely thriving, - which she admits herself



with some lyrics, thanks to our awesome Instagram friends: 

  • Aaron Dontez Yates a.k.a. Tech N9ne from Kansas City (Feat. Logic and Joyner Lucas): three smartest kids in the class get picked to do a group project, "Sriracha": 
    • I'm that pen that wrote the Bible
      I'm on your skin like vitiligo
      Sing for the moment, I hit the high note (lyrics)
  • Marcus Jamal Hopson  a.k.a., Hopsin, an American rapper from Los Angeles, California, with "Hop Is Back":
    • It's sick and spiteful, 2Pac's twisted grim disciple
      I been this nice yo way before Michael had vitiligo
      My ex girl heart is so bruised and burned (lyrics)
  • Okou Armand Gnakouri a.k.a. Kaaris, a French rapper and composer of Ivorian origin, with "Briller":
    • Vie de ssiste-gro, j'sors le litron
      Négro devient blanc, vitiligo
      J'vous baise, je répète pour la dixième fois (lyrics)
  • Seth Gueko, with "Obligé":
    • Il me faut du pèze, du cash, du fric illico (fric illico)
      Je suis Luke Cage avec du vitiligo
      Vintage et very rare sont mes sunglasses (lyrics)
  • Tote King, a hip hop emcee (MC) from Sevilla, Spain with "Tonto":
    • Hay manchas en mi currículum, errores del coma etílico
      Pero hasta mis manchas te molan, como esa modelo con vitíligo
      Soy los recuerdos que conservo, soy lo que estoy haciendo ahora (lyrics)
  • Twiztid, a hip hop duo from Warren, Michigan, with "Psychomania":
    • Goddamn Myers and a Micheal
      I got all-white van like Vitiligo
      And all you see is my knife homie (lyrics)
  • Zayo from Macedonia with "NavŽdy Mladý":
    • Camo na sebe jak Nigo
      Škrvny jak vitiligo 
      Flexim ako Migo' 
      FCK THEM amigo
      Camo na sebe jak
      Nigo Škrvny jak vitiligo (lyrics)


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