News - 14 Aug `14Once Vitiligo Devil Child, now a rising star


A lot has happened since we decided to take a quick summer break...  DESIGUAL, a fashion chain from Spain, has signed Chantelle Winnie Harlow, the world's first top model with vitiligo, as the face of its autumn-winter 2014 campaign.

New York came into a public spotlight when awesome members of support group led by Valarie Molyneaux decided to bring the vitiligo story into the streets of Harlem. In the engaging, moving, and unforgettable memoir Taking Flight, Michaela DePrince shares her dramatic journey from an orphan 'vitiligo devil child' in Sierra Leone to becoming one of world's most exciting rising ballet stars. 

Writer & director Nicola Wong from UK has started the trans-media project on vitiligo, to inspire and raise awareness through the power of cinematograph. Stay tuned for more news to come! 

Winnie Harlow Chantelle Desigual 2014

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