News - 21 Dec `15Pseudocatalase cream launched in Jordan


Prof. Lotti has delivered lecture on 'The role of H2O2 in vitiligo: new data and new treatments' at the presentation of Vitilase, a new product for vitiligo in Jordan. Based on highly active pseudocatalase, this cream helps induce regimentation in conjunction with sunlight exposure or NB-UVB. The retail cost of one tube (65gram) in Jordan is around $65. Shipping costs of up to 4 tubes range between $15 to $27 depending on the destination.

The meeting was organized by the Philadelphia Pharmaceuticals under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Medhat Abdel Malek, MD and attended by over 250 dermatologists coming from 11 countries of the Middle East.

Prof. Lotti Lectrure Jordan Dec 2015

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