News - 22 Apr `21Shields Up! Monthly Newsletter Is Out Today


Our newsletter for April is going out by email today. We go over topics like vaccination for vitiligo patients, safety of medicinal plants, AAD virtual meeting, World Vitiligo Day, FDA meeting and even city mayor elections in France. 

Here is an online version of the newsletter.  



      FAQOther Questions

      • Is vitiligo contagious?

        Vitiligo is NOT contagious. It cannot be passed on or caught from touching someone with vitiligo, shaking hands, swimming in the same pool, sharing towels, sitting next to someo...

      • How can I cure vitiligo?

        There is no cure for vitiligo, but there are a number of effective treatment options that can be discussed with your GP or dermatologist. The aim of treatment is to stop new pat...

      • Is there a special diet for vitiligo?

        In short, no.  Some people find that certain foods may worsen their vitiligo symptoms or that others may improve their skin condition. We found no scientific evidence that a sp...