News - 07 Jul `21VRF Joins HCPLive Strategic Alliance Partnership Program


VR Foundation joins HCPLive® Strategic Alliance Partnership Program to provide better care for vitiligo patients. This multimedia platform is dedicated to providing physicians with up-to-date information on the disease and treatments. 

"This synergy will allow us continue putting forth leading disease-specific resources to guide physicians in providing the best possible care to the patients they serve," said Mike Hennessy Jr., president and CEO of MJH Life Sciences™, parent company of HCPLive®.

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      • Is it Bitiligo? Vitaligo? Veteligo?

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      • What tests should be done?

        A well-trained dermatologist should be able to diagnose vitiligo and distinguish it from contact leukoderma or more than twenty other conditions with similar skin appearance bas...

      • Pyrostegia venusta as a folk medicine for vitiligo?

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