News - 06 Sep `16Winnie Harlow: 'Whatever is right for you is right. Period.'


Revitalizing the beauty landscape as we know it, 22-year-old supermodel Winnie Harlow has starred in numerous fashion campaigns in the EU and US, magazine spreads, Eminem and Sia's music video for 'Guts Over Fear', Beyonce's 'Lemonade,'- among many. She also deserves credit for raising vitiligo awareness to the unprecedented height, standing on the shoulders of those celebrities with vitiligo before her, like Michael Jackson or Lee Thomas. 

If Winnie could get one message across to everyone in the world, it would be pretty simple: 'Regardless of what race, what color, what sex, what nationality, what sexual orientation regardless of who you are <> whatever is right for you is right. Period. This month, Winnie graces the cover of Marie Claire (Mexico) magazine. Read more on Facebook

Winnie Harlow Chantelle Vitiligo Model Cover

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