News - 23 Jun `20World Vitiligo Day 2020. Different, yes - but no less wonderful…


Inevitably, World Vitiligo Day takes on a new form this year.
As the world grapples with a global pandemic, WVD has moved online. So, there’s a different vibe for June 25th this year – but it will be no less memorable or important.
A celebration is still taking place in people’s minds, hearts and homes. And, as an event that took root in the 2010s moves into the 2020s, it’s worth considering how it will evolve.
In just a few years, WVD has exploded in both significance and attendance. And at a time where BLM movements across the globe are showing that popular sentiment can influence governments and corporations, its presence and purpose are more relevant than ever.
June 25th encourages us all to reflect on equality for people with a different skin tone – or lack of it… No wonder that WVD theme of the years is “SELF: Awareness, Love, Respect, Care
So, amid the chaos wrought by the virus, a weeklong commemoration is taking place across the world. From Hungary on June 20th to Detroit on June 27th, events are happening everywhere. Check our Facebook for the latest news, posters, photos and reports. 
World Vitiligo Day grows and strengthens every year – and 2020 is no exception. Because, virus or no virus, it’s vital that people continue to speak publicly about their independence from beauty standards and bias.
And it also matters that we understand the meaning and remember the history of this day as it enters the mainstream.
And next year, when we can all (hopefully) get back together – there’ll be one hell of a party!
My very best,
Yan Valle, 

P.S. Colleagues in Italy and Russia – among the nations hit hardest by COVID – tell me that people with vitiligo suffered the lowest hospitalization rate. This is interesting and something I’ll look into…