News - 25 Jun `16World Vitiligo Pre-Day 2016.


Just one day to go. World Vitiligo Day 2016 is almost upon us. Heres some of the major news. Firstly, theres a big rally taking place in Washington DC. So big, in fact, that were having to start on Friday evening to pack everything in! Read more.

World Vitiligo Day Rally Washington 2016 09

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      • Who is prone to vitiligo?

        Scientists know that some people are genetically predisposed to a specific group of autoimmune diseases – including generalized vitiligo – but do not know who and why.It doesn’t...

      • I have a new job - should I tell colleagues about my vitiligo?

        If you are starting a new job and you are concerned about stares and questions about your skin, try a proactive approach. When the time is right and you are feeling comfortable,...

      • What tests should be done?

        A well-trained dermatologist should be able to diagnose vitiligo and distinguish it from contact leukoderma or more than twenty other conditions with similar skin appearance bas...