News - 15 Oct `21#VitiligoLibrary


We’re always on the lookout for new storybooks to put on our recommended reading list. Now, a new title for kids with vitiligo caught our eye: “I’ve Got Spots!” by Danielle Wheeler.

The story was initially written as a poem on June 25th 2018, the World Vitiligo Day. Friends inspired Danielle to share her poem in the form of a children’s book. To raise money for production and self-publishing of the manuscript and initial sketches, a GoFundMe campaign was established a year later. In less than 20 days, the campaign has raised $10K! The book is now available as a hardcover and ebook through author’s website, along with a song, music video and a bunch of stickers.
Hopefully Danielle's story will empower those who have vitiligo, inform those who don't, and help everyone feel a little more comfortable in their own skin. After all, we all have something that makes us unique. “We all have our own 'spots' and it’s time to embrace them,” – says Danielle.
We're thrilled to add this book to our #VitiligoLibrary donation list. The first 20 copies were signed by the author and now are on their way to VITFriends for further distribution.  




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