News - 20 Jun `21World Vitiligo Day 2021 Schedule


Each year on June 25, the VR Foundation (VRF) joins with the community of over 100 million people impacted by vitiligo to recognize World Vitiligo Day. This year VRF marks global celebration event with a slew of ways you can get informed on vitiligo, connect and share with others who know what you are going through, and even become a member of this vibrant community.

Despite COVID travel restrictions, World Vitiligo Day brings us close. In this challenging environment, we will all take a little extra sense of camaraderie and togetherness from this year’s events scheduled across the world:

🇺🇳 WORLD VITILIGO DAY 2021: “EMBRACING LIFE WITH VITILIGO”. The eleventh annual celebration will take place on June 25th, 2021 — with 🇮🇩 Jakarta, Indonesia playing host this year. The honorary president is Dr. Srie Prihianti Gondokaryono, supported by a strong team from the Indonesian Society of Dermatology & Venereology. 15.00 – 17.30 Western Indonesian Time. Details and registration

🇨🇳 China: A bunch of WVD actitivies across the most populous country on the planet are organized by Prof. Xing Hua Gao and a mighty team of dermatologists on June 25, from 15.00 to 17.30 local time. The annual theme is: Sunflower Care of Vitiligo (it makes more sense in Chinese). 

🇫🇷 France: From June 2 to 26, 2021, the French Vitiligo Association travels across France to raise awareness for vitiligo and celebrate the World Vitiligo Day. Details

🇮🇳 India: Webinar "Vitiligo Beyond Textbooks" on June 26 at 19.00 Indian Standard Time. Dr. Maya Tulpule and six other renowned experts in vitiligo will discuss societal changes towards vitiligo, marriage and relationships, self-help and camouflage. Zoom Dozens of other groups organize events on Facebook and Instagram.

🇰🇿 Kazakhstan: An online conference is organized by Kazakh Dermatology and Infectious Diseases Scientific Center together with Center for Vitiligo and Skincare on June 25, 9.00 - 13.00 Nursultan (Astana) Time. Program and details

🇰🇪 Kenya: A number of support groups in Kenya like Vitiligo Society of Kenya (VISOKE), Royal Patches and Kick Off to Hope have come together, to show solidarity in voicing their concerns and creating more awareness at Dr. Crapf Primary School (Makadara), on June 26 from 8.00 through 17.00. Facebook

🇳🇵 Nepal: Rotaract club of Kist Medical College will host a virtual meeting on June 25, 7.00  Eastern time. MS Teams

🇳🇬 Nigeria: Ogo Maduewesi, President of VITSAF and co-founder of the WVD campaign is holding #WVD2022WalkChallebge: walking at least 10,000 steps daily for Vitiligo Awareness, from June 10th to 30th. Instagram

🇿🇦 South Africa: Live webinar with speakers from SA, India, Korea, Mexico, USA to dicsuss treatments and create awareness for vitiligo. Saturday 26th June, 14.00. Details 

🇬🇧 UK: The Vitiligo Society will host Instagram Live with Natalie Ambersley and Sonya Danita Charles. Natalie will be back and this time interviewing model, influencer and body positive activist, Sonya on June 26, 12 noon. IG Live   Also, enjoy Vitiligo Song live launch by songwriters from Bristol and Glasgow.

🇺🇸 USA: Leaders of the vitiligo community and 15 recognized vitiligo experts from the US will speak during this live event. Check out Program or Register for the virtual event. 12 noon - 3 pm Central Time on Saturday, June 26. 

THANKS to all Members

Thank you for participating in World Vitiligo Day with VRF and our partners around the globe. With more than 100 million people worldwide experiencing vitiligo, you know you are not alone. This one special time of year, it’s important to come together in recognition and celebration of those who can understand and empathize with you. We have created a quick vitiligo guide to help you better understand the condition and find your way forward. 

Whether you subscribe to our newsletter or read through the resources on our website, VRF strives to keep you and our entire community informed on the latest in vitiligo research, treatments and disease management.

THANKS to our Donors and Sponsors

We appreciate all that you have done for the World Vitiligo Day over the years. We realize that your support and time you give far outweigh any rewards related to brand visibility, marketing and community goodwill. So please know that we sincerely appreciate you! 

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