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Sponsorship Opportunities | SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES

Vitiligo Research Foundation produces a number of educational events that are available for sponsorship annually. These events consistently attract audiences composed of researchers, physicians, dermatologists, medical students, as well celebrities and patient community leaders from the US and worldwide. 

World Vitiligo Day is the most anticipated date in vitiligo community. WVD is an annual, one-week community celebration where individuals and patient support groups organize meetings, lectures, walks, picnics and other community events, while participating hospitals and clinics host educational events for healthcare professionals. The main date for WVD is June 25th, yet many activists carry out activities on the weekend before or after this date. The WVD goal is to raise awareness and recognition of the bullying, social neglect, psychological trauma and disability of nearly one hundred million people affected by vitiligo. Funds raised during events support vitiligo research, education, advocacy, and patient services in the community.

Last year’s World Vitiligo Day international conference in Vietnam attracted more than 700 attendees from 12 countries. The 2020 Conference in Serbia will offer research updates, tutorials, discussions, Q&A session and plenty of opportunities to promote your products to a vibrant community. 

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