News - 26 Jun `20🇺🇳 World Vitiligo Week: 5,5 million participants!


World Vitiligo Day grows and strengthens every year – and 2020 is no exception. Because, virus or no virus, it’s vital that people continue to speak publicly about their independence from beauty standards and bias.

And at a time where BLM movements across the globe are showing that popular sentiment can influence governments and corporations, its presence and purpose are more relevant than ever. June 25th encourages us all to reflect on equality for people with a different skin tone – or lack of it… No wonder that WVD theme of the years is “SELF: Awareness, Love, Respect, Care”

The first World Vitiligo Day 2020 Organising Committee meeting was held at University of Madrid. The Committee voted unanimously on the WVD 2020 headquarters move to Belgrade – the outspoken, proud and audacious capital city of 🇷🇸 Serbia. Dr. Ivana Binic MD, PhD was elected an honorary President, while the leader of the Serbian Vitiligo Support Group Mrs. Slobodanka Mijatovi was put in charge of patient communication and coordination.

But as the world grappled with a COVID-19 pandemic, World Vitiligo Day has moved online. Amid the chaos wrought by the virus, a weeklong commemoration took place in people’s minds, hearts and homes.

Hungarian vitiligo support group kicked off the World Vitiligo Day 2020 celebrations with event at the Lake Balaton on June 20th. WVD webinar in China was watched by 5,51 million people, - an absolute record! 

🇭🇺 June 20: HUNGARY - Adrienn Széles @Local (Lake Balaton)
🇨🇳 June 23: CHINA - Prof. Xinghua Gao @Virtual conference
🇦🇺 June 25: AUSTRALIA - Dr. Adrian Mar @Zoom (ID: 884 1268 0646)
🇭🇷 June 25: CROATIA - Prof. A.Stanimirovic @Local
🇮🇳 June 25: INDIA - Shweta Association @Zoom (ID: 977 1000 9201)
🇮🇳 June 25: INDIA - Prof. Davinder Parsad @Virtual conference
🇮🇹 June 25: ITALY - Prof. Torello Lotti @Virtual conference
🇬🇭 June 25: GHANA - Vitiligo Ghana @Local
🇰🇿 June 25: KAZAKHSTAN - Vitiligo School (Shymkent/Almaty)
🇳🇬 June 25: NIGERIA - VITSAF @Walk
🇧🇩 June 25: BANGLADESH - TVW @Online
🇷🇺 June 25: RUSSIA - Prof. K.Lomonosov @Local
🇬🇧 June 25: UK - Ninu Galot @Local
🇷🇸 June 25: SERBIA - Prof. Ivana Binic @Online
🇫🇷 June 27: FRANCE - AVF @Virtual conference
🇿🇦 June 27: SOUTH AFRICA - Vitiligo Society SA @Online
🇺🇸 June 27: USA - GVF / My Vitiligo team @Virtual conference